"I hope my work is easy to enjoy. The paintings are meant to have a 'visceral' feel to them.  I paint them in relation to a landscape or a feeling, a situation or an idea. Sometimes they are literal explanations of a classical theme or figure. 

"A mood, a time of day, a remembered place, or relationship. Color plays a large part in their dynamism and how the viewer relates to the work.  I aim to get an emotional current or a meditation point that could be universal."  

~ Steve Crohn ~

The family of Steve Crohn gratefully acknowledges all the good wishes from his wonderful extended family, friends  and colleagues in the artists' community. As we build this website to make his vast body of work available for exhibits and purchase, please have patience.

We're working on it! 

To get in touch with us about exhibits or purchase, please use the contact form. Thank you!

upcoming events

Hyde ParK Library Exhibition - March 15 to April 30 (Reception 3/23 ~ 1 pm)

​Saugerties Public Library Steve L. Crohn Gallery Dedication - April 27

Please click below to enjoy a video of an interview with Steve during the

Saugerties, New York

Artists Studio Tour - 2012.